Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The penguin predicament

When I was little I loved penguins. By love I mean collected them, drew them, did projects on them. I would spend my hard earned allowance on penguin paraphernalia, request items of the penguin kind for my birthday and daydream of visiting the arctic. Most of my friends wanted ponies, I wished for a feathered friend. But despite my many pleas my mother did not give in. And then it happened, penguin overload. My room started to overflow with black and white, I had too many penguin snow scene sweatshirts to number and to my own surprise thought my collection was complete. However the rest of the world did not get the memo, bless their souls.  The stuffed animals, posters and figurines kept on coming well into my teenage years and early adulthood. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciated every gift but I just needed to move on. To shake my reputation as the penguin girl. I was having dinner with my good friend the other night and she said the same thing happened to her but with kittens. I'm thinking of  starting a support group. I have to be honest though, I still think they are the cutest animal I've ever seen and catch myself picking them off the shelf in the store on occasion. My sisters and I still laugh about it all the time but they seem to be laughing a little harder than me.

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