Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Laugh Lines

I like laughing. I like it a lot. I think it keeps you healthy and happy and all those good things and I try to do it all day. But I have this little problem starting to develop. Its called laugh lines. Horrible I know. Why would we get punished for such a good thing? So now here's my predicament, do I stop laughing altogether? Do I never tell another joke or go to a funny movie. Do I drain all happiness from my life in the name of smooth skin? You can only do so much really, you can turn off Ellen when it comes on, you can think sad thoughts and go to your sad place. You can replace your fun, funny friends with your boring complaining ones but in the end is it worth it? I doubt it. So now that I've talked it over with you I decided I'm going to live with the lines, grow older gracefully and way more happy about it. At least I have rock hard abs from all the laughing. Somewhere.

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