Friday, 6 April 2012

Childlike honesty

Honesty is a funny thing. It can be quite selective in the way we use it. If you want an honest opinion on something ask a four year old. Don't ask your friend, or your mom (thanks mom, I saw the picture and no I do not look good in a floral maternity top) or your neighbor. Find a four year old, look them directly in the eye and ask. There will be no hesitation or awkward silence. No changing the subject or underlying sarcasm.  I've now decided to bring a four year old with me everywhere I need that. When I get my hair done, purchasing a new bathing suit, or trying out a recipe for the first time, to name a few. I will brace myself for the harsh reality of childlike honesty and appreciate it for all it's worth. Which in my opinion is a lot. 

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